Acoustic Cork Tiles

The concept of the Cork Tiles is to offer the possibility to create an acoustic wall with a real presence and depth. Each piece was designed by Alain Gilles, who took his inspiration from the graphic and architectural research that has historically been done on bricks. Alain focused on the idea of bringing the outside in by combining the architectural rhythm and symmetry with all natural, sustainable elements.

About the collection

The beginning of a creative journey

Greenmood has always been deeply committed to environmental sustainability and was always dreaming of bringing something revolutionary to the world of interior design. Little did we know that our dream was about to come true with the launch of our new product: cork wall tiles.

The idea for cork wall tiles had been brewing in the minds of Alain and Sadig for years. They believed that the world was ready for a change, ready to embrace more sustainable, more eco friendly options in interior design. Cork, being a natural and renewable material, has always fascinated them, and they saw its untapped


The journey to create these revolutionary cork wall tiles was filled with dedication, hard work, and innovation.

They wanted a product that not only looked beautiful but also delivered tangible benefits to the users. The team worked tirelessly to ensure that the tiles were easy to install, customizable to suit various design preferences, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly.

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